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Virtual Choir

UPDATE 18th May 2020

Our recording of Favourite things has now been completed. We will be working on a new song soon!

Many of you have said you are missing the singing sessions. So, we are aiming to make a virtual choir recording of Favourite Things to cheer us up.

You can download the Backing Track from here. (no longer available)

  1. First you will need a smartphone/tablet or computer with webcam & microphone, to record yourself singing.
  2. You will also need a pair of headphones/earphones with microphone (the headphones that come with your phone will be ok) to listen to the backing track (one voice and piano).
  3. Connect the headphones to the device you are using (phone/tablet etc) and then play the backing track through the headphones.
  4. Once the track has started to play you will need to switch to your camera application and start to video record yourself singing. The recording should only contain your voice, not the backing track.
  5. You will then need to return the backing track to us. You can either email it, or contact us for details of where to upload it.

A volunteer will mix our individual voices together to make our choir sing, whilst we are unable to meet.

If you would like to join in, let us know and we will send you details of other ways to obtain the backing track, and where to upload it to . If you need any technical help, please call.


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