At the drop-ins members have a hot drink with fruit or a biscuit and sit and chat together.

Space hold 4 drop-ins a week. These drop-ins are a chance for people to meet others.
Members can sit and chat over a hot drink with a biscuit or some fruit in a relaxed atmosphere.

All drop-ins are facilitated by volunteers who are trained with listening skills so if anyone needs to talk privately and confidentially we have people who are willing to listen.

Drop-ins are held in St Mary’s Church on:

Tuesday 10.30am – 12pm (Head & Shoulder massage available)
Friday 10.30am – 12pm
Sunday 2pm – 4pm

… also in Church of the Good Shepherd on:
Thursday 10.30am – 12pm (Head & Shoulder massage available)


Comments from members of Space who have attended the drop-ins:

‘It provides me with a lot of company’.

‘A place to go when you are feeling alone’.

‘I come to all 3 weekly drop-ins (at St Mary’s Church). They give rhythm and structure to my week. I feel happier when I leave’.

Space helps me to get rid of my boredom. It has given me the confidence to become a befriender for Mind and do other volunteer jobs’.




Space provides a vital source of support to Aylesbury in a time of much need in our town. (past Mayor of Aylesbury, Cllr. Ranjula Takodra)

The Space project does very valuable work within the local community, providing support to many vulnerable people going through hard times for a variety of reasons. The one to one counselling sessions, weekly group drop ins and workshops run by Space help to give their users back a sense of self belief and the ability to work through their problems. (David Lidington, MP for Aylesbury)

Space is an excellent service, very valuable and much needed. It helped to have someone caring to talk to.


It provides me with a lot of company.

A place to go when you are feeling alone.

I used to come to Space as a member, seeking support when I was going through a very dark and lonely time. Now life is a lot easier to cope with for me and I enjoy working as a volunteer giving something back and helping others see some light too.

It feels like an air-pocket, a light-house, an oasis. It’s the only space where i feel being loved unconditionally, where my mind and soul are nourished, where i get to know my own humility and others. It is my most effective ‘anti-depressant’ without the harmful side effects. Life without Space? It would feel like being ‘homeless’!